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Welcome to EEF. EEF is a E-Federation Online Wrestling Game created by AdamEEF. AdamEEF knew that he could not run EEF alone so one day near the foundation of EEF he seeked out a Co-Owner, from out of the blue Raj 'the King' Singh of whoem is the Co-Owner of EEF, WTI, EFW and OLW came to once again become another Co-Owner but he came to EEF for he had seen that is was a fed that would have great potential and worth-while seccuess to be a part of. AdamEEF and Raj Singh to this very day now own the EEF and hope for it to continure it journey for as long as time may be. An E-Federation is a Online Wrestling Game where there are Wrestling Events, you must be a part of the roster to be in the events, if not you can sign up; in the Events there are wrestling matches and the roster is to vote on each Match Card created, the wrestling with most votes will of course win and also Match Cards are created weekly; you can also go onto chat to speak with some of your friends. Extreme Elite Federation is E-Fed that is planned to rule all others and become the worlds No. #1 E-Federations, other too are competing to become the best, but really only one can be one at the top of the world, that is, Extreme Elite Federation.

kind regards from AdamEEF & Raj 'the King' Singh

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